Equi-Xtreme White Shampoo

Equi-Xtreme White Shampoo

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Owners of grey or light coloured horses know how difficult it is to remove stubborn grass and stable stains!

Our equiXTREME Vital Shampoo White contains powerful active ingredients for the gentle, but also effective cleaning of all light coat colours. The special violet formula easily removes all yellow, brown or green residues and gives back the natural bright and shining coat colour. For a perfectly clean appearance!

-special violet formula

-gentle, but effective

-removes grass and stable stains

-easy to use and to rinse off

-ideal for white marks

-designed for the needs of the horse’s skin and hair

Instructions for use: Apply with a damp sponge directly to the wet coat and let soak in for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse off with clear water. Repeat procedere if needed. Can be used pure as well as diluted in water. Also suitable for mane and tail.